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Who are these consultations for?

Women struggling with hormonal issues and irregularities in their menstrual cycle.

Women wishing to or struggling to conceive.

Pregnant women wishing to improve the quality of their diet and lifestyle and/or wanting to reduce the risk of possible pregnancy issues/ailments.

Pregnant women diagnosed with or who have had Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

Pregnant women wanting to prepare for childbirth with specific nutritional advice.

Women during pregnancy that wish to prepare for their postpartum period or are recovering from childbirth and want to optimise healing, recovery and breastfeeding.

Mothers wishing to know more about weaning, when/which nutritious first foods they can best feed their growing baby and how to support the growing baby’s immune system.

Health professionals working with pregnant women and in women’s health wanting to increase their nutritional/herbal/supplement knowledge about specific issues/in certain situations.

A Sneak Preview from Jacky.
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Sneak Preview

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