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Herbal Health for Women's Health

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Medicine women, foragers, grandmothers and mothers have passed down herbal traditions throughout the generations to keep herbalism alive and thriving. In this course, Jacky shares women's herbal knowledge to pass on the baton and keep the tradition alive. The course has a holistic approach, which includes not only the herbs but also nutrition, lifestyle and some essential ways to achieve good health.


Five 3hr lessons to watch in your own time - each lesson is completed with a quiz.

A library of support documents and PDF’s of the presentations.

One hour Zoom call with Jacky after watching all five lessons to ask questions, reflect and confirm.

One-on-one mentorship for 6 months after completing the course.


MODULE 1. Foundation: Factors influencing wellbeing, personal constitutions and energetics. Properties, herbal actions and classifications, how to work with herbs, herbal safety and foundational herbal lore.

MODULE 2. Menarche to Menopause: A healthy menstrual cycle is a sign of good health and yet many women dread their menses and then feel robbed of their vital force once they reach menopause. The use

of herbs, a change in lifestyle and diet can support women to thrive and embrace their monthly fertile vitality.

MODULE 3. Pregnancy: Preparing for pregnancy - vaginal health. Herbs that can help women to shift from a state of discomfort and malaise to a state of vitality and good health during pregnancy.

MODULE 4. Childbirth: There are herbs that tonify, strengthen and prepare the uterus and body for childbirth and specific herbs that help stimulate and encourage labour and birth.

MODULE 5. Postpartum: There are well documented, traditional herbal practices that recommend warming, nutritious foods and healing herbs. Herbs are wonderful when there is a specific increased need for healing and as extra support during postpartum.

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A Sneak Preview from Jacky.
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Sneak Preview

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